Automatic Iron Driveway Gates

Our wide selection of Fresno iron driveway gates provides you with a wide selection of automation options to simplify your life. All available automatic iron driveway gates are installed with detection loops for automatic opening when you exit your property.

If you are looking for a driveway gate or entry gate to secure your residential home or commercial property, Central Valley Iron can provide all of the automated gate services you require.

Wide Variety of Automation Features

Central Valley Iron provides several automation features for entry gates, residential security gates, automatic gates, and more. Consider the following automated gate services for your home or commercial property.

Wired or Wireless Telephone Entry

A wired or wireless telephone entry is ideal for screening guests from virtually anywhere in the world. Telephone entries allow an owner to establish a series of phone numbers that a visitor can call in order to open the entry gate. Fresno home and business owners will receive a call and can decide whether or not to open the gate from their home phone or mobile device.

Remote Access

Remote access enables owners and operators to open and close their commercial gate or automated gate systems from the comfort of their vehicle, home, or office.

Keypad Entry

A keypad entry provides a high level of security and allows owners to provide guests and visitors with a security code to open the security gate. Keypad entry couples well with a commercial gate. Fresno gate specialists at Central Valley Iron can help you to choose the best model and automatic gate service.

Card Access

The card access feature is similar to the keypad entry but streamlined even further. Similar to hotel card keys, these cards will allow you and other trusted members of the family, household, or business to control the gate simply by sliding their card.

And More!

From RV gates to driveway gates, Fresno automatic gate experts can provide you with all of the automated gate services that you need to secure your home or business.


Do you need information about the best automated gate services? Fresno gate specialists at Central Valley Iron can advise you on the best automation features for your home or commercial gate. Send us a message or give us a call at (559) 974-9247 to get started today with your driveway gates. Fresno is home to Central Valley Iron, experts in residential electric gates, commercial gates, and all automatic gate services.